Product Groups


White Goods Electronics

We produce ovens, hoods and refrigerator control modules under strict control in our production lines consisting of the latest technology machines.

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Power Supplies

Switch Mode and Constant Current, especially in the control card of many power supply in ESD environments IPC standards are produced.

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LED Lighting

Our LED lighting products, which are extremely stylish in design and functional with ease of use, consist of LED Floodlight, Street Lighting and Stick LED products.

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High-tech SMD typesetting line up to 415,000 CPH per hour according to IPC standards

ESD protected PVC coated floor suitable for electronic card production

Coordinated product verification, electrical testing, DC or functional testing with our customers

Curing the solder with the right heat in the top 9 Zone ovens for the production of PCBs

Lead-free, lead-free solder paste or Glue according to RoHS and REACH criteria

Control of production personnel with ESD Test Station at production entrance

Products of German and American origin that comply with standards as soldering material

Process management fully compliant with IPC standards in ESD environments

Our Technology


Low Heat, Low Energy

SMD (Surface Mount Technology) TYPESETTING is the assembly of electronic
elements on the surface of a card using surface-assembly technology.
As the amount of heat produced in electronic devices with SMD Typesetting
Technology falls, the energy that the card uses also decreases. Product sizes are
reduced, and the rate of effect from impact and vibration and the parasite radio
frequencies drops.

For High Power ...

With the rapid technological transformation and development of today’s world is
used SMD technology in the typesetting of electronic cards.
However, THT Typesetter is preferred for passive personnel who have high strength
and capacitance values that cannot be placed with an automatic typesetter system
and require placement with a manual typesetter.

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Technology Center

SMD and THT Typesetting, Material Supply, PCB and Sieve Supply, Mechanical Assembly and Safety Tests a full-fledged technology center.

Control and Testing

In TAGLIGELEKTRONİK, all processes are subjected to detailed checks and tests from input quality control to shipment of products.

R & D

TAGLIGELEKTRONİK has been moving towards becoming the center of advanced technology in the sector with its R & D activities that have been continuing for two years in the field of White Goods Electronics.

Quality and Speed

International for TAGLIGELECTRONIC
standards, quality and speed; it is not a choice but an obligation.

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Headquarters: Levent Mahallesi, Altzeren Sokak, No:1,
Beşiktaş - İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

Factory: Boğazköy Mahallesi, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Caddesi,
No:89, Amasya / TÜRKİYE